consul_keys writes sets of individual values into Consul. This is a powerful way to expose infrastructure details to clients.

This resource manages individual keys, and thus it can create, update and delete the keys explicitly given. However, It is not able to detect and remove additional keys that have been added by non-Terraform means. To manage all keys sharing a common prefix, and thus have Terraform remove errant keys not present in the configuration, consider using the consul_key_prefix resource instead.

Example Usage

resource "consul_keys" "app" {
    datacenter = "nyc1"
    token = "abcd"

    # Set the CNAME of our load balancer as a key
    key {
        name = "elb_cname"
        path = "service/app/elb_address"
        value = "${aws_elb.app.dns_name}"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

The key block supports the following:

Deprecated key arguments

Prior to Terraform 0.7 this resource was used both to read and write the Consul key/value store. The read functionality has moved to the consul_keys data source, whose documentation can be found via the navigation.

The pre-0.7 interface for reading is still supported for backward compatibility, but will be removed in a future version of Terraform.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

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