Flawlessly configure dev environments in one click

No matter how complex your project is, Koding for teams makes it easy to share your entire development stack with anyone, anywhere.


A flawless replica of your dev project

A flawless replica of your dev project

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If you can build it in the cloud, you can build it with Koding for Teams.

Integrate any service with a few lines of code.

Whether you use Heroku with MongoDB & Node.js, or AWS with Ruby and MySQL, Koding’s powerful configuration manager can handle it. Just add the service you need to Koding’s stack script, and voilå — you're ready to roll.

The power of AWS without the pain.

Get your whole team working on cloud VMs without the steep learning curve of setting them up.

Send stack updates to your whole team.

Send automatic alerts whenever your team stack changes, so your team can pull the latest updates.

No sliced-up hosts
 means no restrictions

We don’t slice up hosting resources like LXC or Docker, so your environment will never be compromised.

Seamless support for your favorite cloud providers

Amazon AWS Openstack Docker Digital Ocean GitHub GitLab

Keep the terminal, IDE and shortcuts you love

Koding for Teams uses a blazing-fast FUSE-based file system to simulate a local environment on whatever machine you’re using. So your development workflow stays local and familiar while you code entirely in the cloud.

Looks and feels local. Takes up zero space.

Got a monster, terabyte-sized app? Access it on a personal laptop as easily as you would on cloud provisioned hardware.

Seamlessly develop in the cloud

Stop stressing out over chronic connection timeouts and baffling host errors. Koding for Teams’ seamless cloud setup means you’ll never upload via FTP or scp again.

Coding in the browser is 100% optional.

We get it: No one wants to give up their terminal & text editor to code in the cloud. With Koding, you only use the browser-based IDE when you feel like it.

Eliminate meetings: Achieve true flow.

Koding for Teams’ powerful collaboration tools allow developers to work together without having to resort to time-consuming meetings and conference calls.

Drag, drop and share your whole environment

Stuck? Drag your entire workspace into a chat window and let someone else take a stab at it. Pair-program instantly (no screensharing or conference apps needed).

Stay connected via social channels

Share ideas and solve problems via hashtag-based channels, private messaging, and real-time chat. Integrate updates from GitHub, Pivotal Tracker and more.

Fire up video and audio while you code

Sometimes you just need to talk things out. Jump into lag-free video and audio sessions the instant you need them, while still working in our cloud IDE.


Code comfortably in the cloud

Preserve your workflow

Connect your local development tools and workflow to the cloud with a single curl command.

Shortcuts for everything

Koding’s comprehensive keyboard shortcuts allow you to ditch your mouse completely.

No hardware restrictions

Keep all your projects in the cloud and access them on any device. All you need is a web browser.

Built-in preview

See your latest changes instantly with Koding’s built-in browser.

A flexible, intuitive IDE

Access a powerful browser-based IDE & terminal when you’re away from your regular workspace.

Multi-tab terminal.

Open as many Terminal tabs as you need. Multi-task like a master.

Developers love Koding because they can still use the IDEs and services they love



Collaborate with your team

Hashtag-based channels

Create team channels for any topic. Pull in activity from your favorite productivity apps.

Instant pair programming

Jump into each other’s editors to code together. Collaborate in groups or one-on-one.

Robust, topic-based search

Search your channel history to find virtually any file, link or conversation, no matter how far back.

Lag-free video, audio & chat

Resolve complicated issues faster with lag-free, real-time communication whenever you need it.


Embrace infrastructure as code

Simple stack scripts

The core of every Koding for Teams project is a simple, shareable stack script that serves as a blueprint for your app’s entire infrastructure.

Connect your own machine

Connect any Ubuntu Linux machine with a public IP address to your Koding account.

Sudo access

Unrestricted root access to your box. Delete anything, update anything. You’re in control.

Stack-level version control

Koding stack scripts are versionable, so you can manage low-level components like storage and networking as easily as conventional code.

Deploy multiple VMs

Run your app on an entire network of machines by simply adding a few lines of code to your stack script.

SSH access

Keep full SSH access to your box so you can still use your localhost to connect to your Koding VMs.

Secure user permissions

Only administrators get write access to the stack script, keeping project configuration security manageable no matter how many people join your team.

Public IPs and custom domains

Every Koding VM comes with a publicly accessible IP address that supports custom domains, making it easy to share and distribute your work.