The “AMI from instance” resource allows the creation of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) modelled after an existing EBS-backed EC2 instance.

The created AMI will refer to implicitly-created snapshots of the instance’s EBS volumes and mimick its assigned block device configuration at the time the resource is created.

This resource is best applied to an instance that is stopped when this instance is created, so that the contents of the created image are predictable. When applied to an instance that is running, the instance will be stopped before taking the snapshots and then started back up again, resulting in a period of downtime.

Note that the source instance is inspected only at the initial creation of this resource. Ongoing updates to the referenced instance will not be propagated into the generated AMI. Users may taint or otherwise recreate the resource in order to produce a fresh snapshot.

Example Usage

resource "aws_ami_from_instance" "example" {
    name = "terraform-example"
    source_instance_id = "i-xxxxxxxx"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

This resource also exports a full set of attributes corresponding to the arguments of the aws_ami resource, allowing the properties of the created AMI to be used elsewhere in the configuration.

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