One more round of awesome! The #Crazy250TBWeek is here!

Hello everyone!

We wanted to brighten the start of your week with some exciting news.

By popular demand we are giving away, this week only, 250TB of free space.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 20.41.58

Yes, you heard right! In case you’re still in shock, yes, this time we will be giving away 250TB of free space to our awesome users that have proven to be relentless in their quest for a brighter and more stable development environment.

Our last campaign, the #Crazy100TBWeek has proven to be a great success. We gave 100TB of free space in just one day! How awesome is that? And because we love our users and because we got tons of emails and tweets about it, we pulled out the energy drinks, warm blankets and foldable beds and we slept at the office until we got everything up and running properly for the upcoming wave of new users.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 20.43.07

But this time it’s going to be a bit different. Why you ask? Well because we upgraded our network and backend. Both of them are now 10x faster and more reliable.

One last mention before we begin remember that your referral link, will give you 3GB of free space and if you come from a referral link then you’ll get 4Gb of free space, you can earn up to 16GB. And that’s free GB’s. For life.

So without any further interruptions, let the giving away of free space begin!

See you on Koding!

And click here for a whopping 4GB VM – Enjoy! :)

Stefan Cosma

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