Our New Referral Program and 3 Types of People You Should Invite

Community is hugely important to us — actually, it’s one of Koding’s foundational pillars. We not only strive to keep growing ours, but also want to give back to it, especially to users who help us on that mission.

So to help you spread your love for Koding and to thank you for doing so, we recently launched our referral program.

The deal

Using your own unique referral link, you can get an extra 250MB of free space on your online VM for each user you refer.


Find your unique personal referral link in the column (hint: It says “Get extra 250MB!”)


Now copy the link that appears and share it with whoever you’d like to invite to Koding. This link takes them to Koding’s homepage where they can register, but because the URL is unique to you, the 250MB reward is automatically credited to your account. No need for extra steps on their part!


Your last step is to head over to your account page and click on “Redeem your referrer points” in the “Referrals” section. Welcome to your extra VM space!

And if you’re not sure who you should spread the Koding love to, here’s who we think would appreciate an invite (and helping you get extra VM space):

1. Enthusiastic students and teachers — Folks who are learning to code can hugely benefit from joining Koding’s online development environment and its community.

Not only does Koding streamline the process to get started (and makes it less overwhelming for beginners), its active and helpful community is a great resource for students and less experienced users who need a little help here and there.

Instructors can also streamline their lessons by having their students work within Koding’s environment and even create unique apps or upload course materials to guide their students. And since Koding supports Python, Java, Ruby, C++, PHP and many other languages, it can be used for an entire comprehensive curriculum, or for a teacher’s many specialized lessons.

2. Recreational partners-in-crime — Those fellow developers you enjoy working with on coding projects and ideas.

Teamwork is one of our most popular apps and with reason — coding with others has many benefits, including learning from others and putting together your different skills.

It’s also a great platform to work on projects with developers with whom you like to collaborate, whether an entire continent is separating you, or just a few buildings.

3. Serial makers — They love making things, and we built Koding for people that love making things — perfect.

Some folks just love building, and building, and building, and we encourage it. Koding can be the perfect sandbox for experiments and development of a myriad of ideas. Hopefully, some of these ideas then turn into Koding apps — we really like those!

Although there are obviously many others who should join the party, we just thought we’d get you started by making a few suggestions. But don’t let us stop you here, you can invite anyone you like. You’re helping Koding grow, and we thank you for that.

And of course, please share your thoughts on our new referral program in the comments section below. We’d love to hear them!

Nitin Gupta

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