When I first saw this picture, I remember, I was in awe reading their names. I was like “Really? Einstein? Planck? Bohr? Schroedinger?” I kept reading their names, again and again, trying to find their faces - I tried to see how they looked in real life. With the teenager in me saying omg omg omg omg…

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Today, we’re standing in front of them as Koding, 23 people that we are today. We are, proudly presenting our work that we’ve perfected over the past 3 years. Days and nights, working relentlessly. We are standing in front of them, and we’re smiling back. We are anxious and a bit nervous but we really want them to see what we’re going to show.

Today we’re telling them, “Look! We made something unique from what you gave us. We finally made computing available for the whole world. With technology you gave us, we gave people of the world something really beautiful. They can now do science, computing, create new enterprises, teach and learn together, much better, like the way you’d like to see us do, your engineer grandchildren do. We made it available to everybody. Not just a select few countries, not just to individuals with credit cards. To everybody. Like you gave us all your findings, we gave it to them, free*.”

“Of course, our accomplishment doesn’t even compare to yours. We didn’t discover anti-gravity or travel to Saturn, achieving your greatness may not be in the books for our entire lifetimes, but we made something that you’d be proud of.”

We at Koding, we do believe that today we made them proud. Maybe a tiny bit, maybe with a bit of a smile but we did make them proud. When I look at the same picture today, I am proud. We have delivered our promise. It’s still beta, we have many miles to go yet, but we did it - we are ready for a million users, if not more.

We made cloud-computing, just “computers”, brought it to your fingertips, inside your browser.

We made computing available for millions of people. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates saw mainframes and made PCs. We saw cloud and made it accessible. We removed the boundaries. Developers will no longer be tied to their local computers. They are now free.

When some kid from a far away country becomes a software engineer finds a job, when a brilliant stranger solves a problem for you and with that, you make the world a better place, we hope you and them will mention Koding being there for you.

Now if you look at that picture, and if you feel like promising something, please do so. And come to Koding, make it happen. Whether it be quadcopters doing food-delivery, or a new app that makes people happier, we will be there, waiting to help you complete your journey.

We believe free and accessible computing is the next step for humankind, and we’re here to make that happen. Free software has changed the world, free computing will give life to it.

We hope you’ll like what you see and you will join this movement, or just spread the word. Tell the world that there is a thing called Koding, anybody now can make awesome things with it.

We thank everyone in that picture for doing what they did. We hope to be worthy of our lifetimes like they were.

And thank you, for being here, reading this. You mean the world to us.

Now go code, share and have fun! :) (click here to sign up!)


*Free as in ‘freedom’ not as in ‘free beer’ - gratis vs libre

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Devrim Yasar

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