Koding’s Global Virtual Hackathon is now part of hack.summit

Ed Roman, Founder of hack.summit(), asked me this question on a sunny San Francisco morning:

“What makes more sense than the largest virtual developer conference coming together with the largest virtual hackathon?”

And the adventure began. Could we bring the world’s largest virtual hackathon, Koding Global Virtual Hackathon, under the umbrella of the world’s largest developer event, hack.summit()? Together, we decided to make it happen.

Today we are proud to announce that Koding’s Global Virtual Hackathon is is now a part of hack.summit().

hack.summit() is the world’s largest developer conference that unites the world’s most renowned programming language creators, open-source contributors, and thought leaders to raise money for nonprofits in the programming space. It’s an independent entity that doesn’t promote a company or a partner but raises money for organizations that empower coders around the world. At Koding, we are very excited to use the platform we’ve built to contribute to the greater good.

On February 20-21, Koding will be used by thousands of developers around the world, hacking together to solve problems, benefit non-profits, and take a shot at winning the $100,000 grand prize. During the week of February 22, dozens of speakers will present at hack.summit() to share their experiences in the field, expertise and anecdotes to educate and inspire coders of all levels. The hackathon winners will selected during a live judging panel at hack.summit(). We invite you to join us for both events, now that are finally now one.

Dozens of speakers will present about their experiences in the field, sharing insights and anecdotes to educate and inspire coders of all levels. Last year’s hack.summit() had 64,000 developers register, making the largest virtual conference ever created, and the largest programming conference ever created (physical or virtual).  The hack.summit() mission is to raise money for organizations that empower developers, and promote mentorship in the programming community via lectures from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

And this is only the beginning…Koding and hack.summit() will continue our partnership into the future with a series of developer events and hackathons.  

P.S. If you’ve already been accepted to the hackathon, no further action is required.

Devrim Yasar

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