Our Hackathon Just Got Dave McClure'd

Can you create something badass that would blow away Dave McClure? For real? Because this is your shot! He’s taking a meeting with the winner of the Global Virtual Hackathon.

Founders around the world, you’re cordially invited to join us February 20-21, irrespective of your location. The ask? Build something awesome. And the winner will take home a VERY grand prize.

The grand prize is everything you need to give your unicorn wings:

  • $100,000 cash monies - that’s a seed round for your startup
  • A one-year subscription to Koding for Teams
  • A meeting with !@#$% Dave McClure

*Yes, THE Dave McClure, Founding Partner of 500 Startups, is joining forces with the Global Virtual Hackathon. Dave uses his ability to function without sleep to uncover geeks around the world, so he’s looking forward to accessing the world’s brightest minds without getting on an airplane.

bling bling baby

Is it possible for a Hackathon to have too much bling? We don’t think so! If you haven’t registered yet, dooooo it!

Nitin Gupta

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