Making The Software Development Process More Efficient

Businesses, both small and large, face three most common challenges:

  1. on-boarding new team members
  2. workflow efficiency
  3. knowledge retention

These pain points impact companies across all industries, but for companies involved in software development, these are often the most expensive and critical problems that continue to remain unresolved. What these businesses need is a solution that streamlines processes, allowing them to easily scale up their development processes and team. We surveyed over 50K Koding users about their current on-boarding and development processes and were not surprised by the results. Generally, the larger the business, the more these problems are prevalent.

Koding was built to tackle these inefficiencies head on. Think of Koding as a Developer Environment as a Service, a concept that’s not very far from the existing (and growing) Workspace as a Service paradigm that is gaining popularity.

Koding’s cloud-based software development service provides businesses with the ability to formulate the most productive, collaborative and efficient development workflows. It converts integrating new developers into existing teams and workflows into a seamless process. Below is an example of a mid-sized company and the challenges they face with their standard on-boarding process and how by using Koding, they would not only save operational costs but also ensure long-term team and workflow efficiency.

A Typical Problem:

Acme Company is scaling up and adding ten developers each month to their existing team of 300. Training each new employee how to code according to a development team’s best practices is just the first step in the on-boarding process. Sharing secure credentials, past development tests, and overall processes can take weeks or even months. When a business is adding 20 team members per month efficiently scaling the department becomes a major issue.

As seen in the data above, when adding a new developer under most organizations current processes it will take approximately 2-3 weeks (or more) to fully integrate them into the development environment. Many of these new employees earn six-figure salaries and are working on parts of the business that are extremely time sensitive and mission critical.

How can these companies afford to lose two weeks on a new hire? Here is what that looks like….

  • 10 days lost per employee to on-boarding
  • $100k average salary (+/- $50 an hour)
  • 20 new employees hired per month
  • = ~200 days wasted per month
  • = ~$83,200+ in wasted salaries and related costs
  • = ~1,600 hours of product development and innovation time lost!!

These numbers don’t even take into account the current team members that have to bend over backwards and disrupt their workflow to get these new team members up to speed…. You have to ask yourself, is this process really scalable?

No, it is NOT. With Koding, in less than 5 minutes a team can have new members collaborating, video chatting, and actually writing code. Our cloud-based development platform provides developers with a collaborative environment in which they can easily get up and running. With a one-of-a-kind interface, Koding is changing the way that development teams collaborate by eliminating the common onboarding and communication pain points they face on a daily basis. This type of open collaboration is what allows teams to move projects forward and truly innovate.

Koding Core Product Features:

  • Deploy new team members in minutes as opposed to weeks
  • Save on-boarding costs while speeding up product development velocity
  • Central hub for resources and community around programming workflow
  • Variety of mediums of documentation on code and workflow ranging from past threads, to live chats, how-to guides, and even video
  • Standardize the development environment for team members all over the world

By greatly reducing the on-boarding bottleneck, team members are able to reach peak productivity and drive companies to new heights faster than ever before. Companies are then able to see an immediate return on new hires as they begin to see a return on their investment faster than ever as new hires advance their products and businesses quickly and efficiently.

Koding for Teams

With the announcement of the upcoming Koding for Teams product, we are took all of the best features that individual users have grown to love and created the ultimate home base for any development team. Built with businesses in mind, Koding for Teams aims to redefine the outdated processes that hold back teams of every size on a daily basis.

Nitin Gupta

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