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Over 60% of today’s computer owners are running Windows and this statistic is appropriately represented within the Koding community as well. A majority of our users also use Windows. As per a recent blog post by Microsoft, over a billion PCs will be upgrading to the new Microsoft flagship OS, Windows 10. That’s a lot of upgrades! The way we see it, that’s a lot of opportunity for us to provide an app-based Koding experience for our users. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the new Koding app for Windows 10.

Even though Koding can be run through a browser on any device, we wanted to make it that much easier to access Koding for our Windows friends. With this app, you now get the benefit of having a robust cloud-based development environment right on your Windows device! That means that you can now easily engage in Linux based software development right on your Windows machine without the need to install Linux!

No matter what your project is based on, the Koding App supports it all. If it can run on Ubuntu, it can run on a Koding virtual machine. We support Javascript, HTML5, Java, Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, NodeJS, Go, etc…the list is endless! Koding’s robust teamwork features allow you to take your programming sessions online and invite team members and collaborators to participate in your pair coding sessions. You can share your IDE, your Terminal and even a white board! In addition, Koding’s active user community allows you to share your questions, thoughts, ideas and even find collaborators to work on your project. Your Windows machine now has super powers! Kode away!

Are you as excited as we are? Tell your friends who use Windows now!

(Note: The Koding app requires Windows 10)

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Cole Fox

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