Codementor + Koding = Live Classes For Software Development!

Self-paced learning is a fantastic way to learn software development but many times the need for 1:1 interaction with a teacher is required to make the learning process much more effective. Additionally, if this “Live Class” can be delivered seamlessly over the Internet, there really is no reason left not to pick up learning how to write software! Imagine being able to learn, code and collaborate with your teacher and fellow students from just one tab in your browser. Koding and Codementor have partnered to make that dream a reality.

With Codementor’s new “Live Classes” offering, teachers and students can come together in a way that was not possible before, and the fact that they can do this without the need to install cumbersome software makes this even more compelling. Live Classes will allow teachers and students to really engage in the learning process, ask questions and to interact, just like in an actual classroom.

To run the Live Classes feature, Codementor selected Koding because of the following reasons:

  1. Support for all programming languages
  2. Effortless on-boarding and setup for students
  3. Real time collaboration that allows sharing of workspaces (editor and terminals)
  4. Live audio-video capabilities without the need to install/configure anything
  5. Learning friendly environment (if you mess up, just reset back to original state!)

We’re excited to be part of this learning revolution as we ourselves firmly believe that the future for learning is in online systems. By adding Live Classes, Codementor is ensuring that students and teachers can still make most effective use of the “human connection” even though the learning is delivered online.

Here are some of the live courses you can sign up for today, as well as their Teacher’s twitter profiles. Give them a shout, sign up and grow your skills in arguably the most effective way out there online.

Cole Fox

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