A Million Users and a New Product

Some moments are so special that you want to shout from the rooftops, so today we’re excited to share our special moment with you…

Koding now has over a MILLION users!

This was a very important milestone for us, one that we marched towards in earnest when we set out goals for ourselves at the beginning of the Koding story. Reaching this milestone validates that:

  • …what we are building has struck a chord with the developer community
  • …our original thesis, cloud-based development platforms are the future (very strongly) holds true
  • collaborative development is the key to unlocking the true potential and talent of individuals

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

This validation now encourages us to do even more, to truly think outside the box and to bring you more innovation in the cloud-based development world. So that is exactly what we are going to do! :)

Introducing: Koding for Teams

Alongside the announcement of our million user mark, we are also (super-duper) thrilled to announce that Koding will soon release a product built (from the ground up) for Teams! Software development has evolved to become very sophisticated. Individual skills still matter a lot, but it’s the collective effort of a team that really gets things moving. Koding has seen amazing success with our current product offering, but the current Koding platform is primarily a B2C (business to consumer) offering. If you wanted to bring your entire team or class to Koding, it was laborious. Koding for Teams will fix that and will do it in the same elegant experience that you have come to expect from our team. We used the knowledge that we gained from building Koding on Koding to create a product that will revolutionize the way you and your team think about cloud-based development. Some of the features included will be:

  1. onboard current and new team members to your dev environments in minutes (vs days or weeks)
  2. allow developers to be productive starting from day 1
  3. collaborate with remote team members without messy installs
  4. easily integrate 3rd party services and applications like GitHub, Pivotal, Asana, etc.
  5. have full control over your dev environments from a single dashboard
  6. audit your infrastructure
  7. version control your infrastructure and take action on the outliers
  8. introduce open development principals within your team and organization
  9. super-charge the aging developer localhost based workspace with new capabilities which in turn boosts your overall team productivity …and much more!

Sign up today for early access to our Teams product.

What’s the target audience for the Koding for Teams product?

Koding for Teams will appeal to any group developing software or teaching software development. The following segments will vastly benefit by using our Teams product:

  1. Organizations (small and large) engaged in software development
  2. Schools and Universities with software development on their curriculum
  3. Open source projects with distributed team members
  4. Governmental units engaged in software development
  5. Organizations that provide and manage outsourced software development
  6. Freelancers/telecommuters/remote workers
Nitin Gupta

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