Over 500 Projects Completed In Less Than 48 Hours!

Since many of you requested it, here’s some preliminary analysis of the projects submitted:

Thank you all participants!

First and foremost, a massive round of applause to all the participants. The past 48 hours were nothing short of amazing. The Koding Global Virtual Hackathon has ended and the event was a roaring success. Not only are we completely blown away by the originality and creativity of the teams, we are in awe of how much was accomplished in such short a period of time! The team at Koding was also up for the 48 hours and we absolutely loved the vibe and the energy that was abuzz on twitter. We captured a few moments in this tweet collection. It’s entertaining in so many ways!

Some highlights:

What happens next?

We are now busy sifting through each submission and eventually will have our “Top 100” list soon. These will go through another round of review which will reveal the “Top 30” and then from there the “Top 3” in each category. As we review, if we run into any questions regarding your submission, we will reach out immediately. We will notify the winners on Monday, the 15th of December by 5pm PST.

A few more highlights

#TheWashingtonRedskins team chef gives motivating words as we finally finish our site for @koding #hackathon pic.twitter.com/QbkCTxJwcf

The Washington Redskins’ last moment of sleep before we get back to the @koding #Hackathon #cashedout pic.twitter.com/AxcgaYIURM — Jake Saf (@JakeSaf) December 7, 2014

Nitin Gupta

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