Beginners... You Can Now Join The World's Largest Hackathon!

Our vision with the Global Virtual Hackathon was simple: get the global developer community excited about something special. Never in our wildest imagination did we expect the response to be so phenomenal. We now have over 40,000 hackers across 13,000 teams who have applied to participate! Thank you!

However, there was an unintended effect of the popularity of the event, we unintentionally ended up alienating our younger and less experienced members. We got emails with questions like, “Is this really for me?”, “Am I going to even stand a chance?”. These were from people who have never done a hackathon before, but were keen to get started.

Today we are announcing two new categories under which an individual or a team can win with a simple hack that can impress.

New prize: $5,000 for all Future Hackers!

You are,

  1. High School (or less) hacker
  2. Beginner hacker (if you have been programming for 6 months or less)

With the introduction of these two categories, the Koding Global Virtual Hackathon is once again open to ALL. Please tweet to help us get the word out.

In addition, we have also extended the application deadline to Dec 3rd, 12 noon PST.

So head on over to the Hackathon site and get all the details on prizes, rules and the themes.

Kode on!

Nitin Gupta

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