When We Said "Global Hackathon" We Meant It!

When we announced our global virtual hackathon, we did it with the vision of involving the global developer community in a way that has never been done before. We are honored that amazing partners like Intuit, Turkcell, Imgur, Sprintly, Datadog, Mashape, nginx, PubNub, Elance-ODesk, Paypal, 3Scale, APITools and DigitalOcean joined us to bring you over $25,000 in prizes (UPDATE: prizes are now over $35,000!).

Today, we sat down to map out the accepted applicants and what came back from our analysis was amazing, humbling and left us speechless. We wanted to share the results of that effort with you to not only thank you but to also show that you have co-hackathoners from all over the world!

Presenting… a map that shows the cities from where our currently accepted applicants hail from!

A few things to highlight:

  1. Props to the lone rangers in Mauritius, Iceland, New Zealand and all those islands (or is that someone koding on a boat?)!
  2. One word for India - Yay!
  3. Europeans definitely like hackathons!

More exciting hackathon related news to follow in the coming days and you should follow us on Twitter to get it all first hand.

If you have not yet applied for the hackathon, there is still time so APPLY TODAY!!

Nitin Gupta

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