Your Chromebook has a new BFF

It’s a known fact that Chromebooks are gaining popularity by the day. Every passing month we are seeing increased traffic to our platform from the Chromebook community and so it’s not out of the ordinary that one of the primary requests to us from Chromebook owners is for a Koding Chrome packaged app. Today, we are really excited to share exactly that, our new Chrome App. With this app, you now get the benefit of having a robust cloud-based development environment right on your Chromebook!

No matter what your project is based on, the Koding Chrome App supports it all. If it can run on Ubuntu, it can run on a Koding virtual machine. We support Javascript, HTML5, Java, Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, NodeJS, Go, etc…the list is endless! Koding’s robust teamwork features allow you to take your programming sessions online and invite team members and collaborators to participate in your paircoding sessions. You can share your IDE, your Terminal and even a white board! In addition, Koding’s active user community allows you to share your questions, thoughts, ideas and even find collaborators to work on your project.

Your Chromebook now has super powers! Kode away!

What happened to the old Koding Chrome app? Google has allowed a few app developers to get the capability of upgrading an existing chrome web app to a packaged app and we’re super thankful to them for giving us early access to this feature. As a result, if you are using the old app, you will automatically be upgraded to the new version. The difference will be that the new version will open in its own independent app frame and have its own icon outside of the Chome browser. There will be zero change in functionality for you.

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Screen shots

Koding Terminal Window

Koding IDE

Nitin Gupta

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