You ask, we do! We're extending #Crazy250TBWeek with another week and +250TB - Enjoy :)

We are receiving so many emails from you wanting to gather more GBs so you can have better VMs. You asked us that we shouldn’t end the campaign, because your friends didn’t finish signing up yet.

Find it hard to believe? Mutual feeling. Try to see the bottom of this feed if you can: https://twitter.com/search?q=#Crazy250TBWeek

This has been a wonderful week. Thank you so much, we have seen 100 users signing up per minute, we had grown so much that we just want to extend our thanks back to you.

Just so you know, giving free storage feels good. Because it’s your commitment to Koding, you’re basically saying “I want free GBs for Koding VM because I want to use Koding” This is a great validation for us, and it just makes us feel great extending this campaign. It is not bitcoins, it’s not ipads, it is not something you take it from us and spend it elsewhere, it’s something you use with Koding.

That’s why we decided to up the ante and give our beloved users, a whole more week of #Crazy250TBWeek! Yes, that’s right another 7 full days of awesome referrals to share and earn free space.

So once again, after our awesome features roll-out, last week, we started upgrading our servers, patched every nook an cranny and now you should see a whole lot more stability and things should run way smoother.

With that being said, let the TB flow and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Let the giveaway continue!

Stefan Cosma

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