The bigger the better - Now you can earn up to 20Gb of free storage! #Crazy250TBWeek

Greetings fellow koders!

We hope everyone is enjoying our #Crazy250TBWeek!

If you don’t know what we’re talking about then hurry up and sign up for a brand new Koding account because we’re giving away 250TB for free, this week only. Also your referral link, will give you 3GB of free space and if you come from a referral link then you’ll get 4Gb of free space.

But we noticed a lot of you were and are inviting friends / family / colleagues to try out Koding and because we love you and we want whats best for our users we increased the amount you can earn for your referrals.

Yes you heard right. We decided to bump up the limit from 16Gb to 20Gb!


Now, go! Invite your friends, your relatives, your highschool computer science teacher and earn up to 20Gb of free storage for your Koding VMs.

See you on Koding. :)

Stefan Cosma

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