Cheers to New Koding, We're Giving Away 100TB This Week #Crazy100TBWeek

Hello Koders,

To kick off 2014, we shipped a completely redesigned version of Koding. We started from scratch and ended with what we feel is the best version of Koding yet. As a celebration we’re giving away 100TB of total disk space to our wonderful users who have believed in us and been with us so far.

One thing we keep repeatedly hearing is to increase the amount of VM disk space, so you can install more software, pull more git repos and play with some databases. So we’re giving away 100TB worth of space. Here’s how the giveaway works:

First we quadrupled the base size of our vms to 4GB. Second, if you invite your friends and they signup we give you both an extra 1GB. (Scroll down for a link)

Journey to New Koding!

The redesign was far from easy. The old Koding was good, but we wanted better, so we went back to the drawing board and started from a clean slate. We evaluated every single pixel with a single question in mind: is this helping us achieve our goal? If the answer was no, we threw it out regardless of how much emotion we had attached to it. It took a whole lot of effort, more than 1000 combined engineer and designer hours went into making this. We did this for one reason, to give our users an unparalleled user experience of programming in the cloud.

We feel this is our best version yet, if you like what we’re up to, please help spread the word. We want everybody in the world to be able to learn programming, as well as get better at creating software. We’ll really appreciate it if you’d share us with your friends and colleagues. Our community is growing very fast, it’s vibrant and friendly. We want to make it bigger, get more users who share our vision and who are genuinely interested in coding.

Koding started with simple premise of bringing programming to the cloud. Too many hours have been wasted by beginners and experts alike struggling to get their environment up and running. Hours that could’ve been spent building the next self driving car or solving important problems. So we built Koding to alleviate that pain. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

See you on Koding!

And click here for your 4GB VM - Enjoy! :)

Devrim Yasar

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