Teamwork App becomes official and gets a new feature!

More great Koding news — the Teamwork app gets new features and becomes an official member of the Koding family!

New and better Teamwork app

Collaboration is important to you, our users, so we are giving you an updated Teamwork app.

Now, you can make your collaboration party even better by sending or receiving copies of files that you and your team are working with, and joining into each other’s session if need be.

Get the Teamwork app here

To do this, click on the “tools” button in the top right corner, paste in a link to receive files, or click the button on the right to select files to export to your collaboration buddies, students, or whomever you’re working with.

teamwork app_screenshot_2

After exchanging files, if you’d like to join your collaborator’s session to work on the files together, or have them join your session, simply use the original “invite” and “join” link and box! The import/export feature i snow giving you more collaboration options on top of the old ones you love.

teamwork app_screenshot_1

Let’s also give a big “congratulations” to the Teamwork app for being so awesome that we’ve not only made it an official Koding app, but it will now be pre-installed for all new Koding users.

Good job, Teamwork app, you’re all grown up and welcome to the family!

Got any thoughts or great feedback on our Teamwork app? Share them with us in the comments section — we always love to hear from you!

Nitin Gupta

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