Travel the world, and talk about Koding!

Yes, we want our users to be our voice. We will buy you flight tickets, conference tickets, book you a hotel room, you can attend to any conference you want, and geek out with developers.

Why? Koding, is a new product, is a new community. But if you are reading this, you probably know that Koding doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to our users, to our community. We developers, are merely makers. We make the product, whereas you make it happen.

Usually, companies hire people with job posts. We try not to. We believe in being genuine, being honest in what we say and what we do.

Usually, other companies hire people to spread their message. They hire a professional whose ‘job’ is to pretend they love the product, go to twitter write lame messages, offer lame apologies, go check facebook like counts, craft crap newsletters and get paid. We say, scrape that. Why would we pay someone who will only learn our product just because we pay? We have so many users that are willing to contribute. We much rather pay our users, help them travel around, have fun and create much better voice for Koding.

You can attend to one or two conferences, or more. You know we have awesome users that build amazing stuff with Koding you can try to organize them, create a meetup around your area or you want to attend to some meetup in another city. You can propose many things, just make sure it makes sense, it’s cool and real, then let us know. You see, our point is offering you to do what you love doing and you get to travel and have fun! :)

So here is the deal, Devrim and I sat down, and thought about the following,

1) Send us what conference you want to attend. This can be anywhere in the world.
2) Send us what you made with Koding, and what you want to talk about.
3) Tell us your experience in public speaking (your previous talks, blog posts) This could be in a language we don’t speak. We will find translators.

We will evaluate and decide if we like the idea of you representing Koding, totally on your own. Better prepared you are, you have higher chances of being accepted. Yes, we will send you t-shirts, and other material to spread around.

And if you are really good, we keep accepting your proposals, we will promote you to be a Developer Evangelist, read more about that here:

Please drop us a note at [email protected] this will go to Peter (Hi! I’m Peter), he just joined Koding as a Developer Advocate, and will coordinate this.

Talk soon!

Devrim Yasar

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