Welcome to new Koding, the next little thing.

This day, marks an important milestone for us. Scariest moment of a startup where we say “Hi! Here is our product!”. We’re finally ready to share what we’ve built.

I want to take a moment to tell you about what Koding is, and why we’ve built it.

Koding is about writing software in a social, friendly setting. We want to bring people together without an office being a requirement.

We wanted you to share, collaborate, employ, make stuff, have fun and feel you are a part of what you’re working on. Not only code, but sharing what you find interesting, asking questions, finding answers when you need them, pairing up with interesting people, are the things we need to get something done, coding, is just a part of it.

We did all that, because we believe that’s how future will unfold. This project will try to push you to think differently in some ways, ways that you may not feel comfortable at times. It is not just about writing code, it is about thinking how teams and companies will be formed in the future. We will share more, protect less, that’s the idea. Our offices will be our devices that we connect to internet with. Teams will be more dynamic, can grow to 100s of people and shrink back as fast. We will be more inclusive of others, and have core team members that we’ve never met in person. That’s how Koding is started, and we wanted to give you an easier way to do the same for your project.

Most importantly, with Koding, people who can’t afford things, will not feel left out. Future needs all of us. As soon as anyone can get their hands on a browser, they’re good to go. They can find work, help others, or learn new things. In our experience of 50,000 people, expect to see very savvy kids, 10-11 years old, teaching you how to do things better. This very part of this project, kept us going even when things got really tough.

It took us three years to build Koding. We hope it resonates with you, and you find it worthy of sharing. Please give it 5 minutes (more if you can) before reviewing it. What you see today, is just the beginning of our journey. You’re looking at 20 per cent of what we have already planned making. We will share good reviews (negative or positive) from our twitter account, and try to learn from you as much as we can.

Last point. It’s Free and it will stay free. Basic development environment that is enough for anyone to learn, develop and test. If you grow out of that, you want us to give you bigger servers, more resources, then you will be able to buy them from us too.

If we can become this next little thing that we dream of, this little thing that helps people do things better, that we will be remembered by, we will feel accomplished. We will not measure ourselves with monetary valuations, we will measure ourselves by the impact we made.

Thanks for reading, and now go, code, share, and have fun!


Devrim Yasar

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