So what's up? Are we releasing?

Being four people at the office makes this blog stare at you with the same post for so long… Sorry about that.

Let me get to the point quickly, I think this week is our final week in private beta. I just wanted to let you guys know.

We sent 4000 invites saw more than 3500 people come back and tested our site. Everything is close to “go”, not close to “perfect” as we wish to see things, but at the end of the day your emails win. You want to get in, and we will get you in.

We will work on the last quirks, we will close the registrations on Kodingen.com at the end of this month, make user accounts work at new Koding (with kodingen domain, also ability to move their files and databases). After that, we will give every Koding user 3 invites to invite others. The reason we do invites is, we still don’t know if we can hold 10k people or more at once. Invitations allow us to test the system properly, and optimize it without crashing it for others.

Alright, that’s it for now. We’re very excited to finally share what we’ve been building for so long.


Devrim Yasar

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