Public Beta Update - Opening Soon.

“Soon”… Koding will be opened to the public! Why the quotes? Well, if everything had gone according to plan, we would have opened up Koding to the public this week while we were attending JSConf (highly recommended by the way) and everything would have been right with the world. Unfortunately, during some extremely long hours of trying to squash a few last minute bugs and get this thing out to the world, we uncovered a few more super bugs.

We are ok with some bugs… this is a Public “Beta” release after all… but these specific bugs would have led to some non-trivial performance issues had we opened the floodgates and let thousands of you into the app. The thought of performance issue severely affecting a user’s first experience with Koding was just too much to swallow, so we’ve delayed the release just a bit.

As of this morning, we’re hard at work crushing the remaining critical bugs. As long as things go according to plan, we’re estimating that within a couple weeks we’ll be fully opening the doors to the public.

For those of you who have requested access at Koding.com, hang tight. We’ve (slowly) started the process of inviting users who’ve signed up, and we’ll continue until everyone is invited.

Stefan Cosma

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