Sorry we're delayed

Hi Everyone,

We’re receiving no less than a few emails every single day asking about the release, encouraging us to release or being angry about the release :) Thanks a lot.

I’m going to cut this short - there are many reasons, but primary ones,
+ we are trying to achieve multi server backend per uid
+ we are leaving wordpress
+ we are moving to a new stack that holds all apps in one

Stuff we tried that didn’t work,
+ c++ multiserver http/socket communications (4 months/3 developers)
+ cocoa style frontend development (5 months 2 devs - we tried this twice!)
+ pure js/css frontend (4 devs 4 months - those are made for sites, not for apps)
+ golang multiserver http/socket communications (this did work well - but then we liked ours more)

I will write more on those later on a different topic but just to let you know, we have spent 18 months with 5 devs on average on this release.

Two things to take out,
+ first, now we know what works and we are about to finalize our current stack (seriously no changes anymore :))
+ second, Kodingen v1.0 works really REALLY well!

I’m not going to make concrete promises here, because we want to do it good. Also, this is a project that runs with our own savings, we really can’t afford much, expensive developers, or even full time developers are beyond our reach. We gotta do it within our own constraints (and it is fun that way!). But of course we don’t want you to wait any longer. We’re annoyed, excited, frustrated, happy, sad more than anyone, and we want to put an end to that emotional turmoil. Good news is, we’re now testing our new release internally, so it’s live on our screens..

Hopefully we will bring it to your screens very soon!


Devrim Yasar

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