Modern Development Environment Delivered.

Koding lets your organization create and share fully automated dev environments on any infrastructure for modern distributed applications, micro-services and containers.


Dev Environments as Code, Powerful Collaboration and Analytics

Koding provides an interface for developers and team managers to streamline dev workflows in the cloud without slowing down freedom and creativity. Spend less time configuring and more time building! In other words, Koding saves 1000 people organization $30M and gives back quarter of their year.

Consistent Dev Environments

Your entire team can share and collaborate on not only on your code, but also your dev environment.

Sync or Async Dev Collaboration

No more screen sharing. You can share dev environments in real-time, or leave it open for the whole team.

Dev Environment Analytics

For the first time, your team can locate the inefficiencies in their workflow, so that they can prioritize and fix them.

Made For Large Teams

A company with 1000s of developers waste at least a quarter of their year on configuring dev environments. Koding gives the time back to you.

No Online IDE!

No more online IDE! Use your own IDE, code editor and terminal. Koding’s CLI tool allows volume mounting and ssh’ing into their VMs.

Open-Source & On-Prem

You can try either cloud hosted or on-prem version of Koding; use your private cloud to provision dev environments.
Check it out on GitHub!

Analytics for CTOs

Easily understand where your process has bottlenecks and locate holes in productivity. Koding analytics will give you most critical information about the performance and efficiency in your organization.

Freedom for Developers

Engineers are no longer limited by the gatekeepers who create their dev environments, they are working together to create the best environments using Terraform, supporting more than 70 providers.

Take the step towards a modern tech company.

Koding Vision

Empower Engineers

We believe Cloud is the next frontier in our next advance as humans.

IBM OpenCloud

Future of Devops

Jonas Jacobi, Vice President, Cloud and Mobile Technology Strategy at IBM and Devrim, CEO of Koding talk about the future.

Koding + Gitlab

CEO of Gitlab & Koding

Sytse and Devrim explain why it is important to get to a development environment in one click

Koding can provision dev environments on your favorite cloud providers.

Amazon AWS Digital Ocean Softlayer Vagrant Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Docker Mesosphere Openstack


Solving your software's sales and training issues

You have a "Download" link that everyone clicks, yet vital customers are lost through your setup instructions. Let's help you engage with them!
You can use Koding for:

Pre-Sales Automation

Turn your website's "Download" button into a "Try now" button, so you can engage with your customers. Learn more…

Platform for Training

Why should any trainer spend hours trying to configure environments instead of getting straight to training? Learn more…


If you'd like to extend your ecosystem and build more apps for your organization!

Virtual Classrooms

One solution might work well for an app and fail in yours. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing.


Koding is Free and Open Source

Available on GitHub