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"Instant" Development Environment Setup

Get developers up & running on any project, from anywhere in just 5 minutes with Koding.
Onboard in minutes
(not weeks)
Use the IDEs, terminals
& configurations you love
Real-time collaboration
with Slack integration

Koding cuts painful “setup” time out
of your development workflow for good.

Programmers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project-specific environments in seconds. No yak shaving! No conflicts! No sitting around!


Get your project & team ready in minutes...

  • Start at 9am
  • Pick your cloud provider
  • Pull in your codebase
  • Write your stack file
  • Invite your teammates
  • Finish by 9:15am

…by building your entire stack with one simple text file.

Config 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 aws_instances: App Server : instance_type: 'micro' exec: git clone git@github.com/koding/project.git DB Server : instance_type: 'micro' exec: App Server DB Server

Then discover a delightfully collaborative,
productive way to work.

Pair-program instantly

Hop into the cloud editor together to troubleshoot & refactor on the fly. Enjoy truly lag-free collaboration.

Connect via chat, video & audio

Create searchable, hashtag-based channels for specific topics. Fire up video or audio, whenever you need it.

Use your own IDE & Terminal

When you install Koding's local client, you can simply mount any folder from any remote server to your computer, and work like a champ. Coding in the browser is 100% optional. Read more

Koding is perfect for...

Distributed teams
Rapidly expanding companies
Open-source projects

What development is like:



  • Spend days setting up a new project
  • Waste enormous $$ on config bugs
  • Chronically miss deadlines
  • Stay shackled to one piece of hardware (i.e. company laptop)



  • Get to the "real work" immediately
  • Recoup huge $$ from time saved
  • Hit each milestone with time to spare
  • Instantly recreate your workspace anywhere (all you need is a browser)