Instant Stack Control:
Stop Configuring and Start Koding

Take back control of your stack and spend your time doing what you love instead of banging your head against your desk. 1,754,031 developers love us, You will too !
Onboard in minutes
(not weeks)
Use the IDEs, terminals
& configurations you love
Real-time collaboration
with Slack integration

Koding cuts painful “setup” time out
of your development workflow for good.

Programmers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project-specific environments in seconds. No yak shaving! No conflicts! No sitting around!


Get your project & team ready in minutes...

  • Start at 9am
  • Pick your cloud provider
  • Pull in your codebase
  • Write your stack file
  • Invite your teammates
  • Finish by 9:15am

…by building your entire stack with one simple text file.

Config 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 aws_instances: App Server : instance_type: 'micro' exec: git clone DB Server : instance_type: 'micro' exec: App Server DB Server

Then discover a delightfully collaborative,
productive way to work.

Pair-program instantly

Hop into the cloud editor together to troubleshoot & refactor on the fly. Enjoy truly lag-free collaboration.

Connect via chat, video & audio

Create searchable, hashtag-based channels for specific topics. Fire up video or audio, whenever you need it.

Use your own IDE & Terminal

When you install Koding's local client, you can simply mount any folder from any remote server to your computer, and work like a champ. Coding in the browser is 100% optional. Read more

Koding is perfect for...

Distributed teams
Rapidly expanding companies
Open-source projects

What development is like:



  • Spend days setting up a new project
  • Waste enormous $$ on config bugs
  • Chronically miss deadlines
  • Stay shackled to one piece of hardware (i.e. company laptop)



  • Get to the "real work" immediately
  • Recoup huge $$ from time saved
  • Hit each milestone with time to spare
  • Instantly recreate your workspace anywhere (all you need is a browser)